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My Time-Lapse Box

So I made this box in the hopes of getting key-able videos of flowers growing from sprout to bloom. As you can see from the footage it came out alright but there are a few things I learned:

1. Plants grow more at night! This is why the plants seem to jump. Because in post I had to cut out the darkness.

2. Most flowers need darkness to bloom. This one I had figured but it was a real surprise to me that just shutting the lights off for a few more hours than before can coax certain types of flowers into blooming.

3. Post production stabilization is frustrating. I knew moving the flowers around was dumb, and that the camera rig wasn't the most stable. But when it comes to managing dozens of minutes of 5K footage, cutting out black spots, compensating for big moves, and attempting to auto-stabilize other parts. I can't overstate how much better it would've been had I built a more sturdy camera rig.

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