- Taking NYC Halloween parade by storm ;)

(click the photos for more descriptions of my process) 


"1st Place" Winner

- Middle East Halloween Costume Contest, Cambridge, MA- 

Peacock Spider

"Best Individual Costume" Winner

- George Tekei Halloween Costume Contest -

Peacock Spider!

HalfSharkAlligator HalfMan aka "Mr. Gerbik"

I did my best to match the exact description in this song of the imaginary character written by the fantastically insane Dr. Octacgon (Kool Keith)

Devil man

(with retractable wings made from umbrella parts)

terrorizing Metro workers as I flew by on heelys

Alakai Rabbizord

A stupid fantasy character I made up to show off the Blade-Shield I made.

Velociraptor (& cave girl)

Headless Man

(I was about 14, still one of my best)

When I opened my eyes after playing dead the first thing I saw would be kids and adults running away screaming (ok mostly kids).

A liger

(no I'm not a furry ;)

3. The plan was to make many animal costumes & pro-wrestle in them with friends, calling the event 

"WWF vs WWF fight for the name"

1. No I am not a Furry


Often confused with his meaner cousin Baphomet

A pun on Baphomet

Man from down over

Aye mayte, I've 'ad one too many a glass, could you kindly point me in the direction of up?


This one hurt my brain as much as it looks.  In the end I designed it on a computer with actual fractal repetition using Adobe After Effects then projected the image onto felt, then cut, made a mess, glue, etc. BAM

MARTIANS! aka Yip & Yip

It's funny cuz one is happy hippy hindus and the other is horrific japanese suicide! What a Pun!


360° Man

you either loved me or hated me on that dance floor ;)

SPACE ALIEN & Martian mousebiker

(I was about 10, still one of my best)

Let this be a lesson to all: Do not wrap yourself in duct tape.

BATMAN & sheepbaby