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WHAT SPHINX - a 20'x20' flyi'n fart lion art glider

Which won 2nd place in the 2016 Redbull Boston Flugtag Competition

Time-Lapse Box - A box for filming plants grow

I made this box to capture time-lapse flowers I have been using in a music video.  The blue is so I can key them out.  I have learned a lot while making this about time-lapse but mostly about plants. First of all I learned that Plants grow more at night which is why they jump at regular intervals, since I cut out the dark times.  This explains why you only see a video of a plant growing, or of it blooming, but never in one continuous video.  Growing can work in 24hr light, but blooming for most flowers requires many hours of dark.  I tried to keep a balance between long light to catch growth, and some darkness to inspire blooming.  I think I did ok.  I should have made a more rigid camera rig.  Also I learned that for my purposes JPEG is fine and I can get a lot more on a card without the RAW.

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